July 8, 2013
Take A Hike
In the winter our guests are always remarking how easy it is to find their way from the hotel to the ski slopes. What they might not know is when the snow melts, it’s even easier to get from the hotel to the hiking and biking trails. Just a short walk from our pool deck puts you at the trailhead and within 15 minutes you can find yourself on John’s Trail surrounded by beautiful aspen trees. The intricate network of trials allows for a wide variety of hiking options, but those with a couple hours to spare can meander to the top of John’s Trail and emerge with a great view of Jupiter Peak. If downhill hiking is more to your liking, the Town Lift is always an option for a quick ride to the top of the mountain. When your hike is done, reward yourself with some time by the pool and our 543 Park Garden cocktail.