March 28, 2013
Cheers to Spring Skiing
The biggest Park City headlines are always about snow – whether we have it. Or, on rare occasion, when we don’t. This season, the news was all good – there was plenty of snow, fabulous skiing, and those who came from near and far weren’t ready to get off the mountain just yet when Spring rolled around. We understood completely.

We also have some insider news. You know; the kind you want to hear, but locals might prefer to keep to ourselves? It’s our own mountain version of Deep Throat, still involving a president (Washington, of course), just a lot more fun. Here it is: It’s Spring and the snow is still great. The skiing is still great. And the hotel is still… well, you get the picture.

Think snow, sun, wide-open runs and blue, blue skies. It just doesn’t get better.

So, if you decide to take our word for it and head to WSH for some supreme Spring skiing, here’s an insider’s view of what you might experience…

You wake up early so you can bask a little longer in the comfort of the pristine Pratesi white linens topping our sumptuous king-size beds as you reach over and press a button on the wall that raises the automatic shades. The morning sun bursts through the nine-foot windows, surely giving you a surge of energy to make your way to the living room where Chef Ernesto awaits your arrival with your favorite coffee and one of his famous hearty mountain breakfasts you just won’t find anywhere else. Anywhere.

Once you’ve finished a mouth-watering omelet, freshly baked muffin and fruit (or, if you’re really smart, a stack of his incredibly fluffy, mouthwatering pancakes), you head downstairs to our ski locker where your ski boots are set out and toasty warm from being stored on the dryers all night. The lift ticket you requested yesterday is with your boots, and your skis are already loaded into the hotel’s SUV.

After a delightful day taking in the views, slopes and mountain-fresh air, you decide it’s time to head home. Your Washington School House home, that is. You call the hotel, and within 15 minutes, you’re back at the hotel and slipping into our outdoor Jacuzzi (drink in hand, of course).

Later, you melt into a French Bergère chair by the fire (with another drink, because you are on vacation, after all) and enjoy a cup of chili prepared by Chef Jean Paul. Lucky for you, we anticipated your restful mood and convinced you to have dinner with us, where you will be served our Chef’s Tasting Menu. So, you sit by the fire, good book in hand. Go ahead, read another chapter. We’ve got dinner handled across the living room.

By the way, your room is clean and your sheets turned-down with a little gift from yours truly awaiting your arrival. And to think you have to do it all over again the next day. (Sigh.)… 

Life’s tough when you’re a guest at WSH – Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall.