February 22, 2013
Sundance Stories 2013

So, we like to brag a bit about our fabulous steps-from-Main Street location. Well… more than a bit, perhaps. But the arrival of the Sundance Film Festival in Park City and its related hustle and bustle remind us just how fabulous our spot truly is.  

You see, from our own living room window we see precisely what the birds see. And we’re not talking the British starlets that come to town for the festivities. We have a literal bird’s-eye view of the transformation of Main Street into a buzzing hive of interview lounges, parties galore, big deals in the making, big romance in the breaking, free swag and – of course (this is Sundance, after all) – star sighting, star gathering and new star celebrating.

Amidst the chaos, we welcomed a variety of guests into the calm luxury of WSH, including some A-list celebrities. Some came to stay, some to be interviewed, some just needed a place to… well… just to be.

The key to being around celebs, we found, is to act normal. Sure, they are famous, beloved, envied, admired, respected, successful, beautiful. (Hmmm… this is sounding a little familiar. Perhaps WSH knows a little about this celebrity business, afterall.) And so we let the Hotel speak for itself, which it does so eloquently.

Many, like (warning: name dropping is imminent) Daniel Radcliffe, agreed, commenting on its loveliness as we escorted him on a little tour to the ski lounge where perhaps he rubbed shoulders with (oh no, not another one) none other than Matthew McConaughey. Matt (as we didn’t dare call him) could have been chatting with (whoops, we’re doing it again) David Grohl of the Foo Fighters about the band’s plans to record again. (You can check out his interview with “Popcorn” host Peter Travers below. And, yes, his costar in the video is our chic ski lounge.)

Okay, enough with the gossip. After the stars cleared, questions flooded in about when the hotel was built (1889) and when we re-opened as a chic boutique hotel (December 2011). But the questions most asked were regarding reservations for Sundance 2014. Well, we’re just nailing down the final details for next year, and we would love to have you. Call us in May and we’ll be happy to assist you in making a reservation.

But don’t waste any time once May 1 rolls around. Our Dan, Matt and Davy might just beat you to it.