September 27, 2012
Best in Class, German Style
So, it’s pretty cool that we were recently included in Architectural Digest’s German edition. Not so cool? We don’t speak German, so we had no idea what they said about us.

Lucky for us, though, our photographer, Michael Spengler, whose images you can see throughout our site and in publications the world over, ist münchener. No, we’re not pulling a Kennedy and calling him a dessert of some kind. (Jack famously announced that he was a jelly donut in Berlin – not on purpose, of course, and kudos to him for trying to connect with the local language.)

So, without further ado, here’s what they said, which we happen to think is sehr gut!

Holiday Forever

Here one would like to have detention: The WSH has the makings to be best in class

First, a little history lesson: We are not in Washington, DC, but rather in Park City, UT – famous for ski slopes and the Sundance Film Festival. This 7500- inhabitant town, which was founded in the 19th century by silver prospectors, got a school named after the founder of the United States. Once almost nearly lost in a fire, later a dance hall for veterans, the limestone building now turns a lap of honor as a boutique hotel. The twelve rooms are nicely decorated with antiques and, instead of a gym, there is a whirlpool with an outdoor pool.