June 28, 2012
Like a Dream

So you’ve heard us talking or read us writing about our über cool reclaimed oak barn wood floors. And we have to admit, it might be a little more than most people talk or write about their own floors. They are just floors, after all. 

And yet, here we are, doing it again. 

Why? you ask, do we go on and on about these floors? Frankly, because they truly are über cool. Capital umlaut. Über.

These floors first came to our designers in a dream. Okay, maybe not to both of them in their separate dreams. That would be a little too “Inception” for us. But, once one had the dream, shared it with the other, then talked and talked and talked about the incredible floors of the dream ad nauseum, the other started dreaming about them, too. Point being, our designers knew precisely what floors needed to be gracing the halls of the school house and thought about said floors day and night.

And so they began their research to find their dream floors. They diligently studied wood species and installation processes for months on end. They Googled measurements and experimented with stains until they finally found the exact floors they sought in California, not far from where they toiled in San Diego. Halleluah! they exclaimed, and picked up the phone to place their flooring order to be shipped to the Washington School House in Park City, Utah.

“Um, you’re not planning to install this wood in Utah, are you?” asked the friendly wood flooring salesman. “But, of course,” they replied. “These floors came to us in a vision and are destined to be the foundation (no pun intended) of our grand renovation of one of Utah’s prized historical buildings.” 
“Um, you can’t put this California wood in a building in Utah. It’s too dry in Utah. This here California wood will crack, buckle and shift in Utah.” 

“Noooooo!” they cried out in unison, falling to the ground as tears of agony streamed down their faces. “We must have these floors! These floors were breathtaking in the school house of our dreams. These floors were not cracked, buckled or shifted in our dreams. You, sir, are crushing our über cool wood flooring dreams” 

“Um. Okay.” (Long pause.) “I think my other line is ringing.” (Click.) *

And so, albeit despondent, the designers gamely began their wood flooring research once again. This time, with a focus on flooring to be found in Utah.  

One call to a Salt Lake City flooring contractor who just happened to have a storage lot filled with reclaimed wood from a local barn and the designers’ dreams finally came true. 

We think you will agree our floors are pretty darn dreamy. In fact, you’re likely to find them über dreamy.  

* Artistic license may have been taken in the telling of this story. Though, in truth, it’s likely some tears were shed; the California flooring guy probably did get a little freaked out by the designers’ addict-like need for his wood flooring; and our fabulous (a.k.a. über cool) wood floors once lived in a barn in Utah.